Turnitin is a service that helps you check that your assignment work does not contain plagiarism. You will normally use this service prior to submitting the work for marking.


Student Guides to using Turnitin

This is a pdf document that is intended to help students to access and use TurnitinUK.

  • Turnitin guide - for students using TurnitinUK within Hub modules (the standard at QMU and most Collaborative Partners and the recommended method).

Introduction to Originality Reports - a brief overview of the reports produced by TurnitinUK containing advice on how to interpret these.

More information can be found here: Finding My Voice


Student Guide to using GradeMark

Some tutors choose to "mark" and provide feedback on student submissions using an on-screen service called GradeMark. The following guide is intended to help students to understand how to receive feedback in this way: Student Guide to submitting to GradeMark

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