Public Sociology

Public sociology is a discipline that speaks to, and for, audiences and communities beyond the parameters of the academic discipline and makes meaningful contributions to ongoing debates around public issues and concerns.

Public sociology is about understanding society and how to bring about change. It actively brings sociology into dialogue with audiences beyond the classroom. By creating this active, open dialogue it aims to deepen both sides’ understanding of public issues. Sociological knowledge theory, analysis and social practice are directly connected to the experiences of particular ‘publics’, normally understood as community groups, interest groups, campaigns or other civil society organisations.

At QMU, you will learn from public sociologists who have diverse community experience, and who are engaged with activism and innovative research. Teaching staff have a range of links with community, voluntary sector and campaign groups in civil society. This has included Friends of the Earth, Glasgow Association for Mental Health, the Workers’ Educational Association, the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, and various faith-based, trade union and European social policy organisations.

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