The QMU Professoriate acts as an informal academic think tank, informing and influencing research and knowledge exchange agendas - internally and externally.

Members of the Professoriate also deliver a series of lectures at different times during the year. These have two important aims: to disseminate research outcomes; and to signal QMU's commitment to ensuring the translation of this research to the various communities and stakeholder groups we serve.

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  • Arts, Social Sciences and Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Institutional

Professor Andy Frew
Tourism (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Joe Goldblatt
International Events Management

Professor Richard Kerley
(Emeritus Professor)

Professor Don Ledingham
Leadership and Innovation (Honorary Professor)

Professor Philip Riddle
Tourism (Honorary Professor)

Professor Russell Rimmer
Business and Management (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Claire Seaman 

Professor in Enterprise and Family Business


Professor Alastair Ager
Institute for Global Health and Development

Professor Janet Beck
Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences

Professor Stephen Beutow
Division of Nursing (Honorary Professor)

Professor Jonathan Chick
Alcohol and Addiction (Honorary Professor)

Professor Fiona Coutts
Dean of the School of Health Sciences

Professor Jan Dewing
Division of Nursing

Professor Marie Donaghy
Physiotherapy (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Kirsty Forsyth
Occupational Therapy

Professor Nigel Gleeson

Professor Bill Hardcastle
Speech Sciences (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Sarah Kagan
Division of Nursing (Honorary Professor)

Professor John Laver
Phonetics, Speech Science, Speech Technology (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Tanya McCance
Division of Nursing (Honorary Professor)

Professor Brendan McCormack
Head of Division of Nursing

Professor Barbara McPake
Director of IIHD (Health Economics)

Professor Chris McVittie
Social Psychology

Professor Jane Melton
NHS Leadership (Honorary Professor)

Professor Tom Mercer

Professor Maggie Nicol
Occupational Therapy (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Jim Scobbie
Speech and Language Sciences

Professor Julie Taylor
Division of Nursing (Honorary Professor)

Professor Sophie Witter
Institute for International Health Development

Professor Alan Wrench
Speech and Language Sciences

Professor Roni Bamber
Academic Practice

Professor Anthony Cohen
Social and Cultural Anthropology (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Alan Gilloran 
Sociology (Emeritus Professor)

Professor David Kirk
Learning and Teaching (Emeritus Professor)

Professor Petra Wend
Leadership and Management



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