Academic Timetables

Timetables are published for the current academic year only. Information on holidays, week numbers etc. can be found on the university’s academic calendar.

2019/2020 Timetables (Courses/Programmes starting in September 2019)

Personalised Timetables for all programmes starting in September 2019 will be available to both staff and Students from late July 2019.

Personalised Timetables 

Personalised timetables are available to both staff and Students.  These timetables are specific to the individual and show all teaching events the individual staff or student is linked to.  Personalised timetables are published for the full academic year however, due to unforeseen circumstances, events are subject to change at short notice.  Both staff and students are advised to check their personalised timetable on a regular basis. 

Student Personalised timetables

Personalised Student timetables are available via both the ‘myQMU’ app and the Student portal. The ‘myQMU’ app is available for iOS and AndroidGuidance on downloading, installing and making use of myQMU can be found here.

The Student Portal also provides a great way to access personalised timetable information. It is accessible via any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.  Simply click the ‘QMU Portal’ link in the top menu bar on any page of the QMU website. Information on the QMU Student Portal, including a guide on using it in general, can be found here.

Timetable information on both the ‘myQMU’ app and Student portal automatically updates when any changes to timetables are made.

Staff Personalised timetables

Staff timetables are automatically updated directly into staff Outlook calendars.  Staff will only see timetabled events which they are assigned to. Timetable information (including room changes) is updated automatically as and when changes are made.

Full details on staff personalised timetables can be found here (you can only access this link from within the QMU staff network).  

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables are generated a few weeks prior to each exam session.

Published timetables.

Timetables for courses (groups) and modules can be accessed using the following links. Please note that published timetables do not include any staff or Student names.


This view shows all events that run in weeks 1 to 52 and currently reflects 18/19. Note that week 1 is reserved for the official Induction, and most (but not all) teaching only commences in week 2.  Please note, that historic weeks are not shown.

Semester 1*
Limited to events that run in weeks 1 to 18, inclusive.

Semester 2*
Limited to events that run in weeks 20 to 52, inclusive.

Current Week*
From the start of the academic year, timetables at this location will be limited to those of the current week only.

*These published timetables include staff information and can only be viewed from within the QMU staff network.

Room Bookings

Both staff and Students can book rooms on campus via the university’s Room Booker system. Rooms can only be booked for the current academic year.

The room booker system is available to all current Staff and Students and is available from any desktop computer or laptop with an internet connection.  The room booker system is also available on mobile devices. However, this is not recommended or supported.

Staff and Students can access the room booker system here.  A user guide on how to use the room booking system can be found here. If further advice or assistance please contact the room bookings team

You should receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of the booking request being made.  All bookings are not confirmed until this confirmation email has been received.

Please note that all Bookings in teaching spaces must begin and end at 15 minutes past the hour. 

All room bookings made in teaching space are subject to change if the room is required to formal teaching purposes. 


Students can book group study rooms, individual study rooms and many teaching rooms on campus by using CELCAT Room Booker.

Student Bookings can be made up to 14 days in advance.  Bookings can only be made for a maximum period of 4 hours.


Staff can book staff meeting rooms and general purpose teaching rooms.  Staff cannot book or request group study rooms or individual study rooms. 

Staff should not use the room booker system to request space for teaching events.  Such requests will be rejected.  All teaching event space requests should be made in line with the timetable change policy.