Academic Timetables

2020/2021 Personalised Timetables (Courses/Programmes starting in September 2020)

Personalised timetables are now available for Students who are returning to QMU in September 2020 or are starting their journey with us from September.

As we navigate through the ever evolving COVID-19 situation please ensure you check the QMU COVID-19 advice and guidance page for the latest updates and guidance.

How do I view my personalised timetable?

Both Students returning to QMU in September 2020 and those Students starting their journey with us in September can view their personalised timetable on the myQMU app and the Student portal.

Returning Students

Returning Students can view their personalised timetable now.  Please note, the online sessions shown on your timetable are subject to change and you should check your timetable on a regular basis over the coming days for updates.  Any changes will be updated automatically via the myQMU app and the Student Portal.  If you are awaiting any re-assessment results, then please note that your timetable is provisional and may change as a result of your re-assessments. 

For a small number of modules, students cannot be assigned to some groups in advance and this is done once teaching starts based on lists provided by academic staff.  If this affects you, you’ll be added to the additional groups as soon as the grouping lists have been provided.

New Students

New Students will be able to view their timetable after they have matriculated.  Please note, for new Students it can take up to 24 hours from the time of matriculation for your full personalised timetable to appear.  Please keep on checking your timetable over the first 24 hours for any changes.

All Students

It’s important that in the lead up to the start of the Semester, you check your timetable on a regular basis.

If you are having difficulty viewing the timetable go to the Timetable page within the app and press the refresh button in the top right hand corner.

Timetable section in the MyQMU app with refresh button highlighted

It’s also important that if you are viewing your timetable on the myQMU app, that you are using the latest version of the app.  Please ensure you have updated the app to the latest version via the app store for Apple iOS or the Google Play store for Android.  If you are not using the latest version of the app you may see wrong information, or your timetable may be missing items which show for other Students who are using the latest version of the app. 

Full details on the myQMU app and how to download.

The Student Portal also provides a great way to access personalised timetable information. It is accessible via any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection.  Simply click the 'QMU Portal’ link in the top menu bar on any page of the QMU website. Information on the QMU student portal, including a guide on using it in general, can be found here.

What’s included on my timetable?

At Queen Margaret University, we have worked hard to ensure our campus is safe and following all Scottish Government guidelines. We can’t wait to welcome both new and returning Students to campus from September onwards.

Your timetable will contain a mix of both on-campus and online activity (an approach commonly referred to as blended delivery).

When creating the timetable for Semester 1, we have tried, where possible to promote on campus learning for all Students and the timetable contains a mixture of both on campus and online sessions for the majority of Students. 

Your Semester 1 timetable will show both on campus and online activity which is delivered synchronously.  Most lectures and some selected other activity will be delivered asynchronously and these will not appear on your personalised timetable.  Details of all asynchronous sessions will be available on the HUB.

On Campus Sessions

We appreciate that the timetable for this semester looks a bit different from previous years, with the majority of student timetables including ‘On-Campus Sessions’.  On-Campus sessions are primarily the standard learning and teaching activities you would expect on your programme (e.g. seminars, workshops, discussion groups etc.) though they can, at times, include other forms of learning and pastoral support.

For this semester we have timetabled our on campus learning and teaching activity by programme rather than by module, with that activity scheduled into two to four hour blocks rather than the usual one to two hour individual sessions. One consequence of that is that the activity taking place within a block, which will often involve a number of different staff, is difficult to specify on the timetable because that activity may vary across any one block.  It is also why module codes are not shown on your timetable for on-campus sessions. Rest assured that these sessions are nonetheless a key part of your programme which you are expected to attend.*  This different approach to the timetable is to facilitate adherence to COVID-19 health and safety guidelines (in terms of occupancy management, frequent cleaning of rooms and physical distancing).

*While these sessions take place on campus in the room indicated on your timetable, those students who need to study remotely can join these sessions via the University’s virtual learning environment (Blackboard-Collaborate) unless advised of alternative arrangements by your programme leader.

Are all semesters included on my timetable?

Given the ever changing and evolving situation we are only publishing the Semester 1 timetable at this stage.  Its hoped that we’ll be able to publish the Semester 2 timetable in November 2020.

Academic Calendar

Information on holidays, week numbers etc. can be found on the university’s academic calendar.

Timetable Changes

During the course of the year it may be necessary for changes to be made to your timetable, classes may be cancelled or rescheduled, or additional sessions added. Because of this, it is important to check your timetable regularly for any updates; in the case of urgent alterations to your timetable for that day, you’ll also be sent an email to your QMU email address.

Exam Timetables

Exam timetables are generated a few weeks prior to each exam session.

Room Bookings

Both staff and Students can book rooms on campus via the university’s room booking system.  

Given the current reduced capacity on campus, there is very little availability of rooms for staff or Students to book.  We recommend, where possible, that any meetings, group work or other types of events involving several staff or Students take place online.

If you do require a room on campus, please note our capacities are much smaller than normal.  If you are unable to find a free room on the day and time you require, you will need to search for a different day and time due to our reduced capacity.

During Semester 1, bookings can only be requested for a maximum of 21 days in advance and repeat weekly bookings are not permitted.

Please note, enhanced cleaning and ventilation has to take place in all rooms between use and therefore any booking requested is not guaranteed and you should wait for the confirmation email confirming your request prior to contacting other people about your booking. 

You should pay particular attention to the time of your confirmed booking as it may not be the same as you originally requested.  If your requested time has been altered then this will be to allow for enhanced cleaning and ventilation between different users of the room or to help us control the flow of people on campus or in a particular area of campus at any one time.

All booking requests must be submitted by 3pm the day before the room is required.  Any bookings requested for a room on the same day will not be actioned and will automatically be cancelled.

Staff and Students can access the room booking system using this link. A user guide on how to use the room booking system can be found here. It’s available from any desktop computer or laptop with an internet connection. The room booking system will work on a mobile device or tablet, however it is not designed to be used on touch screen devices and therefore, this is not recommended or supported. If further advice or assistance is required please contact the room bookings team

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